Transnational project meeting in Braila, Romania (03.04.2016- 07.04.2016)

Part 1 - Introduction
1. Meeting with local guide- visiting the city.
2. Welcome to Kindergarten No. 37.
3. Artistic program prepared by theachers and preschoolers.
4. Visiting Mayor of city Braila.
5. Visit the Parlament Palace Bucharest and the Experiment House.
6. Visiting to Grigore Antipa museum.
7. Visiting the park Dracula Bran and Peles castle.

Part 2 - Transnational project meeting
1. View some experiments about topic “„Experiments in learning fundamentals of Physics”.
2. Discussions about activities in your educational institute from 2015 October till 2016 April:
  • Your experience about doing experiments in subject "Sky above us" (aprobation process and/or few new experiments).
  • Metholodical material "My Little Hike". Each country will present their own developed material on this subject ( recommended in Microsoft Word).
3. Metholodical material "Rocks". Exhibition "Rocks".
4. Discussions about the project's main metholodical material "Experiments in preschool".
5. Discussion about the final project report and final meeting in Turkey in May, 2016.