Visit in Italy, Sicily– 11.10.2015 – 16.10.2015
Sanday, 11.10.

Monday, 12.10. Visit to the kindergarten GIRASOLE
Welcome show with the children.
Project meeting with all partners. Discussion about:
- Creating an electronic version of the Calendar “ERASMUS EXPERIMENT 2016”:
- Approbation/ testing of the Italian experience of „Space – sky above us” in each partner country;
- Creating a city map «My little hake». Organising family events „MY LITTLE HIKE” using a city map of experiments;
- Creating and electronic version of the training material “ROCKS” and sending to Bulgarian partners;
- Etwinning Project;
- Transnational meeting in Romenia;
- Learning/ teaching seminar in Turkey.
Trip to Tindari.
Vist of the basilica and archaeological site of the Greek theatre with english guide.

Tuesday, 13.10.
Visit to the kindergarten GIRASOLE.
Learning/ teaching seminar, experiments “SPACE – the sky above us”.
Discussion about the seminar.
Visit to Barcellona Municipality. Meeting with the mayor of Barcellona.
Visit of the theatre “MANDANICI”.
Visiting the Villa Liberty of Barcellona.

Wednesday, 14.10.
“Sicilian Honey” tasting typical honey.
Trip to ETNA, ETNA PARK Silvestri Craters.

Thursday, 15.10.
Visit to the Alcantara Gorges.
National evening.

Friday, 16.10.
Visit to the Museum.
Discussion about the seminar and visit.

Download video: muddichedda.mp4