Teaching/learning seminar „Experiments in kitchen”
(in Bulgaria – 25.04.2015 – 01.05.2015)

27.04. Monday
Visit the kindergarten “Zvanche”. Introduction to kindergarten. A greetings concert with the children from kindergarten “Zvanche”
28.04. Tuesday
Visit Burgas municipality. Meeting with major of Burgas Visit to Ethnographic museum in Burgas Two persons from each partner organization will be preparing national dishes in kindergarten “Zvanche” A greeting from the children of kindergarten
29.04. Wednesday
Wednesday Feast day “Hello, health” Learning seminar at kindergarten “Zvanche” “Experiments in the kitchen” Visit to Catering school Awarding certificates of Learning/training seminar “Experiments in the kitchen”
30.04. Thursday
Thursday Feast day “Lazarus” – first of spring folklore celebrations for Easter Workshop: partners will be preparing cocktails, juices and other meals