Teaching/learning seminar „Experiments in basics of chemistry” in Latvia (15.01.2015.-19.01.2015.)

Thursday, 15.01.
  • Visit Dobele preschool “ Valodina”
  • Introducing to organisation
  • Presentations of each partner’s organisation
  • Visit Dobele’s municipality
  • Meeting with major of Dobele
  • Walk at Dobele, visit craftworks house (attend to creative workshop)
  • Visit Dobele’s museum (attend to creative workshop)
Friday, 16.01.
  • Visit the preschool Zvanins. Discussion about teaching work in preschools
  • Visit Tervete’ s nature park. Take part in creative workshops
Saturday, 17.01.
  • Learning seminar in Dobele State Gymnasium “Believe in magic”
  • Learning seminar at preschool Valodina “Experiments in basics of chemistry”
  • Lunch at preschool
  • Creative workshop to felting techniques (for teachers)
  • Transnational project meeting
Sunday, 18.01.
  • Trip to city Jelgava (visit the creative workshops)
Monday, 19.01.
  • Visit children science center „Wonder” in Riga